• new methodology for talent identification combined with motivating training plans

  • measuring and improving of game speed, agility, first step explosiveness and jumping skills, direction changes and cognitive skills

  • appropriate intensity – low extent of training

  • easy usage, clear data and evaluations, actual speed check, long term studies, group comparison

run ahead of time!®

SpeedLab® is a new innovative high-tech concept that is focused on competition for motivated athletes and coaches, a modern athletic training system specialised in variable speed training and healthy workout.

SpeedLab® is a new talent identification and modular speed/agility training system that integrates testing, analysis methodologies, training programmes, know-how, software and capital equipment - delivering a total solution.

Of paramount importance in the speedlab® concept is the focus on the teaching through the well structured comprehensive initial education programs in the first year and with a recommended 5 years support package for continuous education.

In contrast to many other "isolated" measurement-technologies many SpeedLab® hard- and software modules are compatible with each other. The technology is based on sport scientific methodology. SpeedLab® is not just a highly modern measurement system. Equipped with high level training apparatus and the SpeedLab® training methods, the SpeedLab® technology can be the central element of a high end sports complex for modern athletes and coaches.
Through RFID-wristbands, tablet-PC’s and a database, SpeedLab® delivers short and long term analysis possibilities, the development potential from youths to professionals is demonstratively applicable at all levels. When fractions of seconds decide, the outcome of competitions, speed cannot be left to chance!

SpeedLab® integrates testing- and analysis methodologies, training programs, know-how, software and capital equipment from experts in this field and from specialised companies such as h/p/cosmos®, GlobalSpeed® by Frank Eppelmann, Running School® by Mike Antoniades and the functional training expert Lamar Lowery. SpeedLab® helps to identify the talents in your region and supports motivation to trainers and athletes for reaching world class level.

some possible results and success stories:  
28% improvement in COD (change of direction) - sprint in 3 month player: soccer junior, 16 years old, regular SpeedLab testing and training period over 1 year, improvement of total time for the „X-sprint“ from 6.684 sec. to 4.826 sec. (difference: 1.858 sec. = 28 %) within 4 months of pre-season.
30% improvement in cognitive COD - sprint in 3 month player: soccer youth player, 12 years old, regular SpeedLab testing and training peri­od over 1 year, reduction of standing time during change of direction from 0.359 sec. to 0.251 sec. (difference: 0.108 sec. = 30 %)
11% improvement (5 cm) in CM (counter-movement)- jump in 3 month player: handball professional, 22 years old, regular SpeedLab testing and training period over 1 year, improvement from 40 cm jumping height to 45 cm. Interruption of training process after 5 month (injury). Fast reintegration during and after rehab.
9 minutes improvement in Ironman Triathlete Professional Ironman Triathlete 70.3 - five times champion - bettered her personal best in the half marathon six times after training at the Running School from
1 Hour:32 to 1:23.
0.4 seconds improvement in 400 meters sprint in 8 weeks Olympic and world championship sprinter in 400M improved personal best by 0.4 second in 8 weeks at the Running School in London.

Possible layout of sports facility with equipment for SpeedLab® methodology.
Many different sizes and configurations are possible depending on the available facility space and individual targets





basics and modules
  • technology of SpeedCourt®, SpeedTrack®, SpeedPlate® powered by GlobalSpeed®
  • SpeedLab® software with test editor, data capturing and database
    tablet-PC and RFID-wristbands for ergomonic and fast training methodology of big groups
  • flatscreens at each station for immediate feedback of results
    h/p/cosmos pulsar® 3p high performance running machines, h/p/cosmos quasar® treadmills
  • h/p/cosmos comet® 3p sprint trainer, h/p/cosmos saturn® running machine for spike shoes
  • h/p/cosmos pulsar® 3p including zebris biomechanics module and motion analysis
  • h/p/cosmos discovery® ladder ergometers, indoor cycles for endurance training
  • h/p/cosmos airwalk® se 135 body weight support and h/p/cosmos robowalk® expander
  • h/p/cosmos para control®, para graphics®, para motion® and para analysis® software modules
  • functional training equipment and training equipment for power and explosiveness
  • the SpeedLab® Running School® methodology by Mike Antoniades with option for franchise
  • the SpeedLab® functional training methodology powered by Lamar Lowery
  • facility planning and consulting, education, training, workshops and support
SpeedLab® education module: The Running School by Mike Antoniades  




Mike Antoniades (right) teaching the right running style.


the running school® concept

Most people have not been taught how to run; they assume it’s something that comes naturally.
But running is a skill and just like any other skill it can be learned. Although it seems the most natural thing in the world to do, many people don’t know how to run efficiently to achieve their goal or challenge without getting injured. People use running to stay fit, for weight loss or to help them with their sport or challenge like running a marathon. Children in particular, because of the reduced time they have to play outside at a young age, have underdeveloped motor control skills - running, jumping, turning and sprinting.
The Running School® concept was created by Mike Antoniades, one of the UK’s most innovative coaches, who is also the founder of Sport Dimensions. Mike is a highly respected performance & rehabilitation coach who has worked with thousands of athletes and professional sports teams over the last 30 years in the UK, Europe and the USA.

first we teach you how to run, then... we teach you how to run faster!

The Running School® training methodology teaches running technique and speed technique as a skill and movement re-education after injury or surgery. We work with youngsters, recreational and professional athletes of all sports with great results.
We have developed protocols that teach and improve sport movement and rehabilitation protocols that help people recover better after injury or surgery.
The protocols we have developed guarantee results and improvement in running efficiency, running speed, quick feet, explosiveness, power and COD change of direction in a variety of sports. We have worked with many athletes from among others - English premiership football clubs, professional rugby teams, winter and summer Olympians, GB athletics, GB bobsleigh, and marathon runners, middle distance runners of all levels as well as youngsters with movement and agility issues.

as part of the franchise the running school® has education modules on

Recreational athletes, Running School® for kids, elite speed development, multidirectional speed, DMS dynamic movement skills, walking & running re-education after injury or surgery and DMS rehab.

what do we offer?

  • coaching of running technique to children from aged 6 to adults from beginners to elite athletes
  • speed training and development of straight line speed through TRS treadmill based methodology
  • multi-directional speed training and development of multi-directional speed
  • coaching of correct walking techniques for seniors and those looking to return to full fitness
  • development of training programmes for runners and athletes looking to develop their speed
  • movement re-education after injury or surgery– rehabilitation, walking, running rehabilitation
  • movement training for kids - a programme specifically tailored for younger children with movement
  • difficulties such as dyspraxia. Includes: gait re-education and DMS.
  • rehabilitation after injury or surgery – five phases of rehabilitation – protocols developed for upper body, back rehabilitation and lower limb rehabilitation

benefits of the running school®

  • improved running technique
  • helps in accelerated rehabilitation
  • increased efficiency of running technique
  • increased confidence and enjoyment
  • decreased risk of injury associated with running
  • kids movement & development
  • better muscle balance and coordination
  • increase in speed and explosiveness
  • quick feet and change of direction
  • analysis of movement and testing
  • analysis & improvement of sport & game speed
  • analysis & improvement of straight line speed
  • ability to turn faster and increase agility

running school® package

  • extensive coaching & training 8 days
  • running school® website
  • sales & marketing plan
  • marketing material
  • training & coaching manuals
  • training programmes
  • business pack
  • on-going support
  • first access to new modules
  • excellent image and references
SpeedLab® hardware, software and database modules  

One extremely important element in development of the SpeedLab® is the Speed-
Court® module. SpeedCourt® is an interactive training and sports concept. It uses
contact mats, a big display screen and sophisticated software with visual stimulation, innovative training and test programs with data management and a clear reporting and performance visualisation tool.
Through its unique variability it provides competition-like and individual training as well as accurate performance diagnostics. With the revolutionary concept of SpeedCourt® you can test and practice explosive acceleration, dynamic direction changes, coordination and cognition in ways unknown so far.
The SpeedLab® software is user friendly and enables the user to quickly edit paths.
Sports specific – position specific – impact controlled.
The integrated database functionality is an essential tool for modern coaches and

  • sophisticated measurement + training
  • game speed / agility / cognition / tappings / jumps / reactions
  • permanent installation on 7m x 7m or mobile solutions
  • standard of 12 contact plates
  • 1 RFID-reader incl. bus-system for simple operation of database & with big training groups
  • connectivity with SpeedLab® professional license package software & server
  • completely configured Windows® computer in English and big monitor
  • defined and open programs
  • results immediately and clearly on screen
  • use with individuals, groups, with football, medicine ball, etc.



SpeedTrack® is a multi-functional laser-measurement system. It allows to acquire time from linear measurement sprints, shuttle runs and explosiveness.
The starting plate provides an accurate and error-free start. It also provides a measure of competitive sprinting situations such as lateral movements and jumps. Standard tests such as tapping, reaction tests and measurements are possible with the speed track. The light barriers are made of double reflection lasers.

the system contains:

  • 5 laser barriers with 2 sensors each, mobile rack adjustable in height
  • start measuring system for sprint start, simple, flexible and error free operation
  • function for measurement of first 2 steps
  • 1 RFID-reader incl. bus-system for simple operation of database and with big training groups
  • connectivity with SpeedLab® professional license package software & server
  • completely configured Windows® computer in English and big monitor
  • cables and adapters
  • connection of start measuring system to laser barrier 1, laser barrier 2, etc.


  • measuring 1/1000-sec. and km/h
  • distances free selectable, 5 ... 400 m (with optional extension cables)
  • shuttle-runs
  • results immediately and clearly


Measuring and training contact plate for objective measurement and evaluation of
achievement-oriented athlete‘s speed and explosive sprint strength relevant parameters.

The SpeedPlate® allows measurements of drop jumps, tappings and a number of
other applications. One key to success is the connectivity to SpeedLab® professional license package software & server and the RFID login method for simple and safe operation also with big training groups. Results are immediately displayed on a screen.


high speed treadmill h/p/cosmos pulsar® 3p

The h/p/cosmos pulsar® 3p high performance treadmill with 3-phase power supply was designed for professional running and training applications like overspeed, coordination and functional training and also for high performance testing. A special wide and long running surface in combination with a comfortable and extremely durable running belt provides the environment for running and high speed applications. Furthermore the h/p/cosmos safety arch gives the athletes the necessary safety to reach their limits without fear of injury through falling.

Special design features involve extra wide footboard with marking and special siderails with additional handle grip for jump-on and jump-off at very high speed, making up for a perfect speed training treadmill. Running surface 190 x 65 cm, speed 0 ... 40 km/h, elevation -25 ... +25 %, drive motor 4.3 kW with high-performance 3-phase power supply, interface ports & para control® software. 

h/p/cosmos robowalk® expander

In daily training we often need to do one dimensional, one directional movements. But if we keep doing these only in our training, we would have deficits in other directions and dimensions. Rotational movements are dominant especially in all ball sports and other Olympic sports. We need to incorporate these in our training to fill up these gaps in our strength. For good results we need to move fast and safe in six degrees of freedom: forward/back, up/down, left/right, pitch, yaw and roll. Expander training is a very well established methodology to achieve this goal.
For functional training combined with walking or running, gait correction, eccentric training and sports rehabilitation the h/p/cosmos pulsar® 3p can be retrofitted with the robowalk expander-system.

Recently one expert in sports performance enhancement training stated:
“A motion exercise has lost its right to exist once the body is controlling it.”
Because on the playing field and on the court there are very few or sometimes no standard motions at all. The body must be capable of dealing with rare and/or unexpected and unknown situations.
Exactly here the new robowalk® can help with various and new stimulations.
Various stimulations through various traction forces (traction support and traction resistance) and also various traction angles / force vectors are possible.
Thus, simulating and stimulating standard and unusual new motion patterns are possible. But robowalk® can be also combined with well-known and standard motion exercise: So far abductor training and adductor training mostly have been performed in seated position on resistance machines and/or in standing position on wall bars with thera-bands / elastic rubber bands.
New: abductor training and adductor training combined with natural walking and running: With robowalk these training forms can be combined, so abductor training and adductor training can be performed while walking or running on the h/p/cosmos treadmills. In a combination with unweighting (PWS partial body weight support systems, e.g. the h/p/cosmos airwalk se 135) the exercise can be utilized for athletic performance training also in even higher speed (overspeed / excess speed training). But the body weight support / unweighting can also be utilized for load reduction/protection and for safety in the rehabilitation of sports injuries. 

sprint trainer h/p/cosmos comet® 3p

One of the great benefits of the h/p/cosmos comet® sprint trainer is, that the traction
resistance can be adjusted electronically and is independent from the speed of the
subject and even from the running direction of the subject. The subject dictates the
speed and the running direction, not the device! Changes to the traction support (rope pulls the subject toward the machine) and changes of the traction resistance (subject running away from the machine and subject pulls the rope) can be made at any time.

The comet® combines well established training methodologies with sophisticated electronic equipment which is easily adjustable and offers reproducible results.

summary and conclusion:
  • With the new SpeedLab® testing and training methodology you offer a motivating concept which is extremely rich in variety and delivers excellent results.
  • SpeedLab® brings new stimulation, attractive impulses and great fun into daily work of athletes, coaches and sports scientists.
    And it is universally known, that motivated people stay longer in the team.
  • The success of a ball sports team is not mainly based on spending millions for purchasing expensive famous players.
    It is decisive to identify young talents, support them and invest in modern and effective methodologies for the motivation, success and future of the entire team.
  • SpeedLab® makes people involved very proud and will attract trainers, high profile athletes, investors and very much the entire media such as TV, radio, newspaper, etc.
draft for possible system configuration: 20130219_cos101284-en_h-p-cosmos_catalogue_prices_SpeedLab_professional_large_no_prices.xls
catalogue 150 dpi medium resolution 8.5 MB download size catalogue 300 dpi medium resolution 74.1 MB download size
speedlab impressions:  



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Established 1988 in Nussdorf-Traunstein (South of Germany) h/p/cosmos stands for convincing technology, advanced design and safety in the production of running machines, treadmills, ladder-ergometers, sprint trainers (sprint ergometers), sports performance training and diagnostic systems as well as rehabilitation equipment. In the course of time, h/p/cosmos developed into a specialist for running machines and accessories in sports, medicine and research. Designed to last, functionality, precision engineering and the safety of the devices delight fitness people, athletes and coaches, patients and physicians worldwide.
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